Ilda Di Vico Couture Millinery maintains an extensive range of exquisite textiles and exotic fine materials.  These contribute towards making whatever hat design you choose, create the ultimate WOW factor they feather flower bursts, elegant pillboxes, or alluring fascinators.

We can precisely match any desired colour required care of our DVCS system, and this ensures that your chosen head piece will perfectly coordinate with your outfit and/or accessories.

Beautiful bridal head pieces that pay compliment to any wedding dress, and captivating children's hats, can also be manufactured to order.

As importantly, you can also be sure that expert advice coupled with exceptional personal service will always compliment our stunning creations - which are meticulously crafted and designed to the wearer's precise fitting and specifications.

International shipping is available, care of our chosen courier partners.  Each parcel is protected using our specially constructed boxes and unique packaging. Details are available upon request.

Prices start at £495.



Ilda Di Vico Couture Millinery is delighted to announce the launch of the new Imprompt-You range for 2016.

Manufactured to the label's usual exacting standards, Imprompt-You features a varied and diverse collection of pre-made headpieces kept on permanent display at the new Mosscroft Studio in Binfield, Berkshire.

Available for those impromptu moments, the range covers all colours and sizes - so choice is varied and plentiful.

Prices start at £95.



We proffer a full hire service with a collection of approximately 200 hats to choose from in our Mosscroft Studio boutique.  In the event we don’t have anything on display that immediately matches your outfit or requirement, we can promptly manufacture a piece to order for a small premium.

Prices range from £95-£250.

Read more about our terms and conditions of hire here