As one of the world's leading hat designers Ilda Di Vico's stunning creations receive extensive media attention and press coverage ...and when her spectacular designs aren't winning awards themselves, you may often find Ilda presenting accolades as a judge at various society, race meeting and fashion events.

Her advice not only regarding couture headwear, but fashion in general, is keenly sought by television, radio and print media companies alike.  These include the BBC, Channel 4, CNN,  ITV and SKY to name but a few.  Please contact Jane Compton at Compton Management for further details.



Ilda Di Vico hats have featured in, or on the front cover, of many of the world's leading fashion publications.  Her work has also featured in several books - most noticeably British Stuff and Fashion At Royal Ascot.  The following, and their international counterparts listed below, are but a small example: